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Welcome to the official page from Synergy.
Synergy has its first release written in 2017 and has been making sure a lot of projects are having a 99% uptime. This system has made it easy for developers to implement new features faster. Because of the already made systems it will encrypt all the player data and makes sure all external and internal data interactions are secured.

  • Version System
  • Runnable System
  • Plugin System
  • Message System
  • Command System
  • Cooldown System
  • User System
  • Dependency System
  • Warp System
  • Cache System
  • NickName System
  • Recipe System
  • Language System
  • Achievement System
  • Reboot System
  • Punish System
  • GUI System
  • Objective System
  • Scoreboard System
  • PluginMessaging System
  • Changelog System
  • Economy System
  • Hologram System
  • Cosmetic System


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Custom Systems


First Release