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I am a self taught Software Engineer with experience in managing and developing game servers/networks. Beginning to work on professional level since April, 2014 (The first version of Spigot). I've met amazing people and I am always excited to work on new features.

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MiragePrisons is a fully custom prison server with a big twist. Instead of having an ordinary prison server, it is a magic non-op prison.


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Arcadewars is an old-school game themed network with lots of minigames to play.


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ChaseCraft is a Minecraft server network containing Survival, Creative, SkyBlock, and Prison. It is also the official server of YouTuber, UnspeakableGaming.


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RoyalCraft network is providing you with gamemodes such as skyblock and factions. Royal based network with lots of fun.

Dexterity Factions

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Dexterity Factions is a starting faction server with space as theme. Try to become the most powerful faction there is.

Hypixel Network

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Well, I know you are looking in developer tools.. Now you know.. Shitt..